Handling Sluggish Thyroid

Even with normal lab tests, you can have a sluggish thyroid.  Fatigue, brain fog, slow metabolism, thinning hair, cold intolerance, are just some of the symptoms that can be due to a sluggish thyroid.  Hosted by Dr. Mary Riggin, AP, DAc, this webinar brings a unique approach to handling the cause of this common problem. 

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Identify potential causes of a sluggish thyroid.

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Stop the continued clogging of a sluggish thyroid.

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Get your sluggish thyroid treated using natural methods, with no negative side-effects.

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After handling her own sluggish thyroid at the age of 38, Dr. Mary Riggin is excited to share her expertise and experience in dealing with this problem - even with normal lab tests! Now, after working with this issue since 2001 in her clinic, she's bringing this life changing information online to the virtual world! As a grandmother to 6, she's more vibrant and excited about life than ever before. She owes this vibrance to getting her own issues handled, and so can you!

This 30 minute webinar will open your eyes as to WHY this is such a huge problem, and why just looking at lab tests is not enough to get this handled for good.

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Everyday that goes by without knowing this information, is one more day that your thyroid will continue to get clogged and sluggish. Stop the trend today. Sign up for the webinar and start taking back control of your health and wellness.


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